The designers in our media lab know their way around industry software for graphics, page design and text layout, as well as the trusted platforms for web development and social media. We can also prepare your academic and technical documents for publication using LaTeX editors that ensure high-quality layout and typesetting.

Media Conversions

We live in a digital world where we capture and store our images and information with a couple of clicks, but even our recent history is largely in analog format. Many of our photo prints, slides and film negatives are languishing in boxes where the celluloid is slowly perishing, and a lot of family and institutional history is at risk of being lost.


You know your core business better than anyone, but can your written communication say what you actually mean?

Academic Editing

Our editors have polished theses, dissertations and journal articles for students and faculty members from a wide range of disciplines, including Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, Fine Arts, Theology, English Literature, Public Health, Political Science, Archaeology and Media Studies. We understand the constraints and pressures of the current academic environment, and are on hand to assist.

Corporate Editing

You have deadlines looming each week and your calendar is starting to resemble a shopping list. When you are working under constant pressure, the finer details are the first things to suffer, but overlooking them can make you vulnerable to criticism. The smart thing to do is to manage your time effectively by outsourcing stages of a project to people who can make you look good. Then you take the credit, naturally.

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