Academic editing

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We are solidly proficient at academic editing. Our editors have polished theses, dissertations and journal articles for students and faculty members from a wide range of disciplines, including Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, Fine Arts, Theology, English Literature, Public Health, Political Science, Archaeology and Media Studies. We understand the constraints and pressures of the current academic environment, and are on hand to assist. Our excellent service for academic editing covers:

  • Editing for errors in spelling, grammar and formal academic expression
  • Checking references and ensuring that they conform to the required style
  • Offering advice and suggestions on general structure and flow
  • Ensuring correct and print-ready formatting and layout
  • Ensuring overall coherence and consistency.

We are here to polish and improve your work as much as possible, while ensuring that the voice and logic remain yours.

pen_editHow long do we need?

A time frame is negotiated according to your needs and our availability.

What do we charge?

Our rate for academic editing is competitively priced. Our rate includes standardising the basic layout and checking references — services that other editors often charge for separately. An overview of editing rates in South Africa can be found here.

How do you get started?

  • In order to proceed we need the following from you:
  • Your final thesis draft in MS Word
  • Your department style guide
  • Specific feedback from your supervisor
  • A list of any particular aspects to take into account (decisions on terminology, style, layout, etc.)
  • 50% deposit
  • A completed and signed copy of our editing agreement.